WordPress CSV importer custom field

Many people (including me) are searching for, and asking how you can use custom fields in the WordPress CSV importer. The plugin page says:

Any column that doesn’t start with csv_ is considered to be a custom field name. The data in that column will be imported as the custom fields value.

So I made an excel spreadsheet with 2 columns:

  1. csv_post_title
  2. (example) my_custom_field

And by importing this CSV file WordPress gave me the following error:

Skipped 3 posts (most likely due to empty title, body and excerpt). Imported 0 posts and 0 comments in 0.23 seconds

But after trying different combinations of column names as: csv_post_post and csv_post_type nothing worked and every time WordPress gave me the error. So maybe it was my CSV file that isn’t saved the right way. Then I went to Google Drive where you can make spreadsheets. I made a Spreadsheet in Google (the same as my old one, with the 2 columns), Saved it as CSV file, imported it with WordPress CSV importer and it Worked!

So my solution for importing Custom fields in WordPress CSV importer is to use CSV files from Google Spreadsheet.


6 thoughts on “WordPress CSV importer custom field

  1. No problem 🙂 I’ve searched very long for this because I needed the custom field import for my own project, so I hope I can help other people with this article.

  2. I’ve imported loads of data with custom fields successfully using excel to create the csv file. I’ve never heard of anyone having trouble with importing custom fields. In my experience, it pretty much works as described. I’ve created a fork of this plugin with a few extra features, and I’m trying to add in fixes people find along the way : https://github.com/BHEADRICK/csv-importer

    I just tried creating the same spreadsheet you mentioned in excel, and it imported flawlessly. Try out this version and see if you have better success with importing. (it also has a legend of field names on the import screen for reference)

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