How to add an extra field to comment.php

Today I’ve searched the whole internet for how to add an extra field to the comments.php file which is visible in a comment in my admin. I have a comments.php file with a name, e-mail and textfield. But I want to add an extra field for location.

There are lots of tutorials for adjusting the default WordPress comment_form but I am searching for a piece of code for a custom made comment form.

If you can give me a step in the right direction, let me know in the comments please.


WordPress advanced custom fields

The WordPress Advanced custom fields is my most used WordPress plugin. This plugin offers you the opportunity to add all kinds of custom fields to your post, page and category pages to specify information per post, page or category.

This plugin offers you a comprehensive documentation page where you can find everything how to use it in your templates.

The WordPress Advanced custom fields plugin page.